Castor Meal is obtained from Castor cake by Solvent Extraction Process. It is a Organic Manure which enhances the Fertility of the Soil without causing any Decay. It improves the Soil Fertility and productivity and is also known to protect the plants from nematodes and termites. It provides all the Major and Minor Nutrietns such as Managneese , Zinc and Copper which is necasary for Better plant growth. In short, the physical and chemical properties are improved by Castor Seed Meal.


It is enriched with three big elements such as Nitogen , Phosphurus and Potassium. This meal is preffered as a cattle feed and provides balance diet. Castor Seed Meal is free from impurities and is also used as a natural manure as well. Castor Seed Meal has long shelf life and high Nutritional Value.