Edible Oil

We are offering premium quality other refined oils of various plant seeds that include olive, corn, canola, rice bran as well as refined glycerine. These are processed in clean & hygienic factory conditions in bulk production with no preservatives & chemicals. Furthermore, Other Refined oils have light yellow color with smooth consistency. Highly appreciated for reducing harmful cholesterol in the body as contain healthy amount of unsaturated fats such as poly and mono fats. Customers can avail these oils in different quantities as per requirement of their choice. They have good storage life and also mostly used for high heat cooking & frying.

Olive oil obtained by pressing whole olives is one of the healthiest edible oils that people can use in cooking and as a salad dressing. There is no oleic acid in this oil to prevent health problems, like high BP, cholesterol and heart disease. Canola oil is a versatile edible oil with smooth texture and high smoke point; apt for grilling, cooking, frying and sauteing. Another versatile oil in the range is rice bran oil extracted from the outer layer of rice.